Guilty pleasures.

Saturday, 27 July 2013

As some of you may have figured out, I love underwear. It is the first thing I treat myself to every month come pay-day and this month is no exception.

However the source of my purchase did some what surprise me, whilst out getting my lunch at M&S, where I would normally contemplate if I want sweet and salty popcorn or spicy lentil curls, this amazing set caught my eye. Mustard and hot pink silk perfection! Well done M&S, I will definitely be back for seconds if the A/W range is anything like this!




  1. Really cute set of lingerie! Love the color. Thanks for sharing the image :)
    Do visit my blog as well :

  2. […] with you all is this completely gorgeous set of underwear from M&S. As promised in July (click here) I have been keeping an eye out for their A/W range and they haven’t disappointed. This […]


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