Bring on the abode

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

So Paper Thin has be running now since May 2013, and my love of fashion hasn't faltered one bit. I am, and always will be, a fashion girl.

However as my life has grown up some what I am branching out. Paper Thin is going to cover some super stylish home brands whilst still providing you with all the fashion you can handle.  This has really stemmed from struggling to find cushions I loved on the high street that didn't come in teal or beige, and for anyone that bumped into me during fashion week listening to my woeful tale I have decided to do something about it! After all I can't be the only girl who wants her home to look as good as her wardrobe does.

The print above is from the amazing Katie and the Wolf, and you will not be disappointed with her stunning range of home accessories - go check out her etsy shop here

So get ready as there is a whole lot more to come - bring on the abode and much, much more ...


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