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Friday, 17 January 2014

As you all know I have made some blog resolutions this year and I have to say I've been doing pretty well in implementing them. I have completed a few guest posts so far this year and have been sticking to my Instagram resolution with vigour! So I thought it would be good to do a look back each Friday in case you missed out on anything during the week, so here goes.


Me outside of PTB - I have begun to write for various other blogs/online magazines, this week included:

  • Your Style Forecast - Statement Jewellery 101 - Click to read
  • Fashion Worked - The Shopping List - Click to read (I may need to purchase this whole list!)

Inspiration - I am all about Spring this week, and have an amazing new Pinterest board which is giving me some amazing inspiration for the months ahead, get inspired here

Achievements - I was super surprised today when The Bloggers' Lounge tweeted me to let me know I was in their top 5 blogs of the week. They wrote some lovely words and also introduced me to some great new blogs. Completely made my Friday, especially since I am full of cold! To see their top 5 blogs this week click here

Photos - I love taking pictures, and the ones below sum up my week, and for daily updates follow me on Instagram here

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