Wednesday, 14 January 2015

I came across Jumbled whilst browsing Instagram, and I am in love. I love Australian fashion brands, so it makes sense that I would love their homeware brands too.

My house is pretty eclectic and I don't have an obvious colour scheme but there is some sense behind it all. I don't really like everything matchy matchy, and I am all about vibrant colours and contrasting pieces, basically if there was a shop that I feel I could purchase my entire contents of my abode from it would be Jumbled!

Their brand choices are amazing, the colour palette and mix of styles means that no matter what your aesthetic you will find something that works for you and best of all they ship internationally.

Some of my favourite picks are below, but you need to checkout their website in its entirety and that will require a cup of tea and at least an hour!


1. Zula Cushion, Neon Vintage

2. Morrocan Eye Bedhead, Mexsii

3. Malmo Bar Stool: Mint, Middle of Nowhere

4. Resin Pinch Bowl: Pink Silver Glitter, Pirdy 

5. Tea Towel: Flamingo, Canvas Home

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  1. Cool pieces and nice ideas to brighten up the home :)

    Lu | www.balgarka.co.uk


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