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Monday, 7 July 2014

I am a big fan of finding new designers, and I have been looking for a new accessories designer for a while. So whilst doing some blog research last night using a very slow loading internet (roll on Wednesday when I am back fully connected!) I came across the amazing Maria Lau.

Being a girl who doesn't like to over accessorise, and likes to have some key pieces each season that I can throw on with my day uniform (jeans and a quality t-shirt) to make it look chic and like I have made a serious effort in without putting much effort in at all - this collection is ideal!

I am completely drawn to the hematine pieces as well as the amazing Earth Black necklace which combines lava, pyrite and braided nylon - it is the perfect accessory to a simple black triangle bikini!


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Top L - R | Necklace | Headband

Bottom L - R | Cuff | Necklace

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